Our Company

Cadex company was founded in 1968 and was one of the pioneers that introduced Direct Sales System in the  Greek market. By the early 80s the company was already respected due to its succesful commercial activity with  household mixer applinaces and the creation of an independent sales network with handcraft painting colors TRI CHEM. In March 1983 the company became the first representative of the German company VORWERK for the Thermomix kitchen appliance and Kobold cleaning system.

Today, Cadex continues to  promote high-quality products that enhance our living standards, focusing more on creative cooking, healthy nutrition and cleanliness. The company’s sales organization consists of well-trained associates that create trusting relationships with our customers for many years.

Our goal is to provide unique products and services to both household and professional customers by spreading the actual benefits of a healthy nutrition with our range of kitchen products and the importance of real cleaninliness with the our cleaning products. Our vision is something that you confirm since 1968: to contribute in our own way to provide a better living standard for you.

CADEX: Premium products, premium living!